Parish Council Committees

The Mission and Ministry of our Parish is the number one priority of the Parish Council. The Parish Council, working with and under the guidance of Fr. Chris,  want to better meet the needs of all our members. The Parish Council is asking every member to offer their TIME & TALENTS to our Parish by volunteering to become a member of one or more of the following Committees:

1. Archives Committee – This Committee is responsible for gathering and preserving the historical memorabilia of our Parish.

2. Building Committee – This Committee will insure that our physical facilities are kept in good and safe condition. It should organize Parish volunteers for upkeep and minor repairs, and contact the proper maintenance or repair personnel when major or special work is needed.

3. Communications Committee – This Committee will develop and implement various methods of communication that come from the Parish, either electronic or written, in order to inform the entire Parish about news or information that allows all members to better participate in the full life of the Parish.

4. Education Committee – This Committee will be supervised by the Priest, who will work with the members in order to foster the spiritual growth of the parishioners through various educational programs.

5. Finance Committee – This Committee will develop and implement the plans which will raise sufficient funds to meet the budget. This Committee will encourage and make sure that the “Stewardship Program” of the Parish is understood and participated in by all members.

6. Grounds Committee – This Committee will maintain the Parish ground and property in a clean and neat manner, properly caring for the grass, shrubbery and trees on our premises.

7. Outreach Committee – This Committee will reach out in a caring and loving way to those parishioners who have fallen away from active life in the Parish. The goal is to return these parishioners to full participation in the sacramental life of the Church. Information and opportunities should be provided to encourage those who are returning to rediscover their own need for belonging and participating in the Parish.

8. Ushering & Welcome Committee – This Committee will supervise the Church facility during services and make sure order is kept. Ushers should be scheduled for all services. Guests should be welcomed warmly.

9. Planning Committee – This Committee will set goals for the orderly and continued upgrading of the physical facilities to meet anticipated future needs.

10. Projects Committee – This Committee will organize and implement special projects that are needed by the Parish, unless voted upon by the General Assembly. This Committee will encourage and ask all members of the Parish to participate in some fashion within the projects that are implemented.

If you want to become a member of one or more of any of the above Committees, please contact any Parish Council member to sign up.

Thank you for your support!